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maandag 7 november 2011

It’s human nature to want approval from other people, but it can be exhausting to compromise yourself to influence or manipulate other people’s perceptions. No matter how much you try, it simply isn’t possibly to control what other people think.

If you’re being true to yourself, at least a few people will judge, question, or dislike you. No one can please the whole world all at once while honoring their own needs and truths.

Today if you feel the need to people-please, ask yourself, what’s more important: knowing you’ve done your best to make everyone like you, or knowing you’re strong enough to stay true to who you are?....

A life without the passion to live is not living, it is surviving. Life is energy and substance. Surround yourself with positive, remove all the negatives around you. Ask, Believe and Receive from your Higher Power to assist you to Live and be the You, you are meant to be. You are no accident. ~

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