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maandag 8 februari 2016

Osho spreekt...

All desires are insane. 
Desire as such is insane 
because desire means living in the future
and the future does not exist at all. 
What exists is the present. 
To live in the present is the only sanity there is, 
but to live in the present 
you have to drop all desiring. 
Desire takes you away from now and here. 
Desire means fantasizing about the tomorrow. 
Desire means: 
"If this happens, 
if I can manage this, then I will live." 
You are sacrificing the present for the future, 
and the present is and the future is not. 
Sacrificing that which is for that which is not 
is insanity, sheer insanity.
But that's what you all are doing: 
sacrificing the present for the future, 
sacrificing that which you have 
for that which you have not yet 
and may not have ever. 
The tomorrow never comes. 
All that comes is always today, 
and you can become addicted 
to sacrificing the today for the tomorrow. 
Then you will go on doing the same thing 
your whole life....
always sacrificing the now 
for something which is not.
Desires are crazy. 
They make you sad in two ways. 
If they are not fulfilled 
you will be sad, frustrated. 
If they are fulfilled 
you will be sad and frustrated, in fact, 
more so, 
because when your desires are fulfilled 
then you suddenly recognize 
you have been chasing shadows, illusions. 
You have been trying to catch hold of a rainbow; 
all that you find is that your hands are wet, 
that's all! 
All desires are insane! 
The only sanity is to be desireless. 
The only sanity is to be herenow. 
This moment is more than enough.
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