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zondag 6 november 2016

Renewable energies: the return of biomass

For thousands of years biomass (organic matter) was the primary source of energy. Since the industrial revolution, the combustion of fossil fuels, accounting for 87% of today’s global energy package, has replaced biomass as the primary source. Yet issues surrounding energy and food production and sustainable development engender new perspectives on the production of bio-fuels, especially from by-products of agro-industry and forestry. Biomass, now supporting 10% of world energy consumption, could increase to provide 25% of global energy needs. This film combines figures, schematics, and interviews with professionals in the field (e.g. economist, farmer, mechanic, researcher, aircraft manufacturer...). The potential for biomass is evident, but its usage must be rational, optimized and adapted to local environments. A film by Gérard Goma (scientific advisor) and Mathias Fyferling

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