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woensdag 25 november 2015

Byron Katie verteld...

"Communication is love, and love as communication always joins or meets people where they are. Actually, we are never separate. I am speaking of simple awareness opening up and of realizing (not just believing) what is true. 

When another person is speaking, listen carefully for the place where you can meet them. This is a joining beyond bodies. Find within yourself, past or present, how your experience matches his or hers. Until you are able to do that, the true connection with that person is missing. It’s like being on different planets.

If my husband says, “Life is terrible,” I hear him. I meet him there through my own understanding and I understand. I believed that story for forty years, and so I can go there painlessly with him now. (If I still believe that life is terrible, I feel it, I inquire and turn it around. Now I know how.) That allows me to just sit quietly with my husband and listen. I am presence beyond distraction, married and joined beyond what a license can give. I love him.

If I cannot sit with him (or anyone else) where he is and be peaceful, then my Work is not done. What will he say that will move me to defend or disagree rather than to join and understand? What diamond will he throw at my feet?"

~ Byron Katie

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