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zondag 27 februari 2011

ℒℴvℯ ♥

ℒℴvℯ ♥ 

♥ I am completely loved.
♥ I am completely lovable. 

ℒℴvℯ ♥ can heal. 

ℒℴvℯ ♥ can renew. 
ℒℴvℯ ♥ can make us safe.
ℒℴvℯ ♥ can inspire us with its power. 
ℒℴvℯ ♥ can bring us closer to God.

Everything ℒℴvℯ ♥ is meant to do is possible.
The path to ℒℴvℯ ♥ isn't a choice, for all of us must find out 
who we are. This is our spiritual destiny.

Excepts from The Path of ℒℴvℯ ♥ by Deepak Chopra

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