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zondag 19 januari 2020

Kelvo spreekt...

You are Wise beyond your knowledge 🌟
You are Powerful beyond you measure
You are Light beyond you darkness and 

🌟You are Love beyond all fears 
"Happiness is a state of mind and being radiates joy through every part of your life. When you are happy in one area of your life, the benefits of your happiness shows in other areas of your life too. Check in with yourself to see where your happiness already exists and where you feel you may need to increase your happiness. Do what needs to be done and give it back to yourself so that you can share it with others. Remember that happiness begins here within you right now and it always has been present and available. You are encouraged to look for happiness through another set of eyes and you'll notice how wonderful life truly is."

"Being honest means beings transparent, which means that you show yourself to others as you would show yourself to you. Honesty speaks out as a message to check in with yourself and see which parts of your life you are being honest and where you can express yourself fully as you are. By doing so, the life you live becomes more important for you because everything is a real and true part of you. Honesty builds compassion and appreciation for your amazing self!"

"Saying 'thank you' for the different things available to you in your life is a way of telling the world and those in it, how much you value them. It opens you up to receiving more of these beautiful things so that you can share similar qualities with yourself and others. A simple thankyou is connected to the heart as a message of appreciation and unconditional love. It is a kind of love that keeps the world inside and outside of you growing."

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