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donderdag 6 maart 2014

Schrijfseltjes... ♥

Be careful to little things. The wonder of little things tells you of the perfection of the whole Uni-verse.

Love has no rules, love has values. 

Every sorrow disappears when you rest in the arms of your angel.

Love is the never-ending energy of Life.

When you start loving yourself, you stop losing yourself when loving someone else: you learn how to love without losing your self-respect.

In our lives, love is always available and endlessly present.

Time is an illusion, the past and the future are illusions. In Being nothing really happens, because the Being is the truth behind the happening: the occurrence is the illusion that hides the Being. The past and the future exist only if we think about them.

Love always is at work in our lives. 

When the mind is silent, you can listen to your heart and remember that everything is Love and that you are that Love. 

De langste reis die je in het leven zult maken, is die van je hoofd naar je hart .

Ik wil jullie dit zeggen met heel mijn hart: Als jullie zouden beslissen dat 'er genoeg is', dan zouden jullie alles met iedereen delen. XXX

Elk moment is een plaats waar je nog nooit geweest bent. Grtjs Els X

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